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Behold.Total.Rejection + Total Rejection - LP + T shirt Bundle (Men)

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eShop Exclusive Pre-Order!!! Bundle Includes Revenge - Behold.Total.Rejection LP on Black Vinyl in Deluxe Spotgloss Jacket + Total Rejection TShirt

Revenge - Behold.Total.Rejection - LP
Revenge - Total Rejection - T shirt Size XL (Men)

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Price of selected items: $36.00



Founded by J. Read 15 years ago, Revenge has since delivered some of the most severe and violent music the metal underground has ever produced. Simply put: they are one of the most extreme black metal bands in existence. 'Behold.Total.Rejection' is arguably the most fervent release and a manifesto of rejection – rejection of the groundswell of mediocrity within the scene, rejection of compromise as a means of embracing of a wider audience, rejection of the dogma and strictures of religion and the trappings of the feeble social slave. 'Behold.Total.Rejection' is a torrential barrage of relentless animosity. No scene. No brotherhood. No remorse.